A lot goes into picking the best set of gloves for your specific needs.
Before you begin, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions to better narrow down exactly what type of gloves you should be looking for

1. What type of motorcycle riding do you do most?

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a key factor to consider when shopping for motorcycle gloves. Do you ride on-road (street) or off-road (dirt)? Each will require a different set of gloves.

2. What’s your riding style? Do you ride aggressively, or
do you just cruise?

An aggressive rider is more likely to take risks. Because of this, they often require a more robust glove with increased armor. If you prefer taking a leisurely cruise, then you might seek out a less bulky or more traditional glove. If you enjoy spending hours on end cruising the open road, you should be investing in a good pair of touring gloves.

It’s important to think about the style of riding that you’re into and find a pair of gloves that matches your actual needs. Motorcycling requires an investment in your well-being. You may find you need a several pairs of gloves for different riding situations.

3. What type of weather do you ride in?

If you find yourself riding in the rain a lot, you’re going to want gloves that will keep your hands dry.

Anyone that rides knows that temperature matters. If you do a lot of warm weather riding, you’re going to want to look for lightweight leather gloves. If you ride in cold climates, you’re going to want to prioritize a pair of all-weather gloves made of textile.

4. What’s your budget?

You can find a solid pair of gloves across all price-points. Like everything else in life though, you get what you pay for.

If you’re on a limited budget when buying motorcycle gear, it’s important to balance safety, comfort and cost when deciding on a set of gloves. Remember to be honest with yourself about what you can afford before spending more than you should for an expensive glove packed with high end features.