Dirt Bike and MX Gloves

These flexible gloves are specifically aimed for dirt riders and allow you to have the most dexterity and provide excellent grip on your bars.

Off-road motorcycle gloves focus on performance at the grips and levers for optimal tactile precision. Dirt gloves emphasize maneuverability and comfort over protection.

Most options in the mx style are short cuff in their design and are well ventilated to maximize breathability when riding in hot weather.

The materials used in dirt gloves will almost exclusively be textile with a max amount of stretch built in. Armor will often be incorporated and mostly concentrated around the knuckle areas. However, because the focus of dirt gloves is on maneuverability, there’s not going to be significant impact protection, making them ill-suited for street use.

Dirt gloves tend to wear out every season or two so they will have to be replaced more frequently than other glove types.