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Say hello to the world's best Bluetooth communicator!

The Cardo Freecom 4X Headset sits at the top range of all Bluetooth motorcycle helmet communications. All you could ever want from a high-end motorcycle intercom - with sound by JBL, live intercom for up to 4 riders, auto-reconnect Bluetooth technology, natural voice operation, a specially tuned music processor with three audio profiles, and tons of other amazing features.

You’re in charge of the Cardo Freecom 4x. Simply say, "Hey, Cardo" and the powerful 40mm high-definition JBL speakers will deliver some of the clearest and loudest audio on the market.

Easy to install on your motorbike helmet with the universal adhesive or clamp mount.

This comprehensive communication system has all the features you could possibly dream of as a rider!

Product Features:

  • Intercom communication up to 4 riders (Range: 0.75 miles/ 1.2km)
  • Durable waterproof design keeps out rain, mud, dust, and snow.
  • A wheel on the side for added convenience and control.
  • Automatic volume adjusts the sound based on ambient noise.
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS for automatic selection of the strongest signal.
  • Connects with any other Bluetooth® headset within range, no matter the brand.
  • A2DP streaming allows you to listen to your favorite tunes, directly from your smartphone.
  • Phone and GPS connectivity with a touch of a finger or voice command.
  • 13-hour battery life, with fast charging capability, providing up to 2 hours of talk time with only 20 minutes of charging.
  • Compatible with Cardo Connect App (compatible with iOS and Android.), allowing you to download and install the latest software over the air, eliminating the need for cable connections.
  • USB Type-C for easy connections to any device.
  • 2 Bluetooth channels to connect with phone/GPS devices.
  • Phone features include make/receive/reject calls, speed dial, and conference calls with intercom.
  • Natural Voice Operation- Allowing for "hey Cardo" functions of the headset instead of using buttons.
  • Live Bluetooth Intercom feat. auto-reconnect.
  • Automatic Volume Control can automatically adjust your sound based on the outside ambient noise.
  • Easy-to-use control wheel.
  • Multilingual status announcements.
  • 10-day standby time.
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS.
  • Bluetooth 5.2.
  • 40mm JBL speakers.
  • Universal connectivity.

What sets the Cardo Freecom 4X apart from its competitors?

    • Live sound. Live Connection. Experience exceptional audio quality with an all-new auto-reconnecting Bluetooth intercom for four (4) riders at a range of up to 1.2km /0.75mi.
    • Powerful 40mm high-definition speakers engineered to perfection by JBL experts, with a specially tuned music processor and three distinctive audio profiles to make your riding experience exceptional.
    • No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof FREECOM 4x will take the beating and keep you connected. Rain, shine, mud, dust or snow.
    • Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars with the always-on natural voice operation engine that makes button-pressing a thing of the past.
    • Just say “hey Cardo” and tell it what you want, your FREECOM 4x will do the rest.
    • Keeping your unit up to date has never been so easy. Use your Cardo Connect App to download and install the latest software directly to your Freecom 4x. No cables needed.


Why these units are Yammie Approved:

 They Keep You Safe!  With your hands on the bars and your attention on the road.

 They Keep You Connected!  You’ll never lose touch with a fellow rider with the highest quality, long-distance reception a motorcycle communication system can offer.

 They Keep You Entertained!  With all the music you ever wanted, streamed directly from your smartphone.

 They Keep You Charged!  The long-lasting battery ensures your unit is available when you need it. If you forget to charge your unit, just plug it into a battery pack or your 12V charger and charge while you ride.

 They’re Weatherproof!  Cardo offers waterproof and dustproof protection for up to 30 mins in shallow water.


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