Final Thoughts and Tips to Consider

We’ve thrown a lot of information at you, but the big takeaway here is that a good set of motorcycle gloves is an absolute must for any rider.

In case you didn’t have the time to read this glorious piece of gear knowledge in its entirety, we’ll toss in some key takeaways as a quick overview:

  • Not all gloves are created equal. Be sure to carefully check the quality and features of a glove, as well as the user reviews for each before buying.

  • You don’t want gloves that are going to cause finger or hand fatigue after a long day of riding. So, be sure to try your gloves on when they arrive. Get a feel for them while sitting on your bike and try out the controls to make sure that you’re happy with their feel and range of motion.

  • Look for the individual features that you need in a glove instead of going for a particular brand or aesthetic appeal.

  • The type of motorcycle and the type of riding that you do should dictate the best glove for you.

  • If you take anything from this verbose (yet complete) guide, it’s that you should never buy a pair of motorcycle gloves based on aesthetics or fashion alone. While it will ultimately feel great to find gloves that make you look cool, please remember that gloves are designed to help keep you safe.

  • Try to find that perfect pair that helps you control your motorcycle by allowing you to easily manage indicators, flip switches, push buttons, and pull levers.

  • Try to find gloves that feel comfortable no matter the weather and no matter the length of your ride.

  • Above all, never skip on safety and protection. Select gloves that will keep your hands protected in the event of a fall.

  • Some motorcycle gloves can be washed. Washing them depends on what style and material they are made of. Typically, textile gloves can go through your washing machine. However, leather should always be cleaned by hand. Some gloves with armor built-in should be spot cleaned with soapy water and rinsing.

  • Motorcycle gloves are typically not unisex. Gloves typically come in designs for either men or women with the proportions of the fingers and palms being different.



There are an overwhelming number of motorcycle glove options on the market. Hopefully, our complete guide to motorcycle gloves helps answer all the questions that you might have when trying to pick the perfect option for you.
At yammie noob, our mantra is “never miss a ride”! We live it and we embrace it.

We hope that you use this knowledge to pick the pair that fits you right, cushions you against crashes, and allows you to feel that you are in full control of your ride - no matter your riding style or budget.

Whether you purchase a set of gloves from yammie noob or from the other guys, please do yourself (and your hands) a favor and pick up a quality set of riding gloves.